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Membrane Switch design is a complex area and MG Electronic has been a leader in the field for over 17 years. This experience along with continued investment in R&D means that we can design and manufacture a switch solution that best fits your applications environment, desired look and feel, all within your budget.

We cater for both existing manufacturers who are seeking quality, reliability and service, and those who are new to switching products.

New to Switch Products?

If you are new to switch products, there is a daunting array of different variations to consider. Our engineers will walk you through the design process starting with a detailed understanding of who will be using your product, as well as where and how your product will be used. Each of these considerations impacts the design process. Prior to speaking with our engineers why not read about our membrane switch design tips.

Your first decision will be to identify the type of switch you require. Options include:

  • Membrane Switches
  • Duraswitch™
  • Hybrid Membrane Switches

Once you have chosen your membrane switch, your next decision is to choose switch enhancements that are relevant and useful for the application of your membrane switch or keypad.

Understand your requirements?

If you already have a clear understanding of what you need, we are quick to confirm competitive pricing and will work with you to establish the most effective supply chain taking into account materials and manufacturing lead times.

As our industry is always changing, we will also ensure that we update you about new materials that may benefit your products.

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