MG Electronic is a leading manufacturer of membrane switches, overlays
and graphic interface products
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MG Electronic

MG Electronic is a leading Australian manufacturer of membrane switches, overlays and graphic interface products including:


  • Membrane Switches
  • Graphics Overlays
  • Electroluminescent Backlighting
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)  Shielding
  • Name Plates
  • Badging
  • Labelling
  • Variable Information labels including serial numbers and other unique identifiers

Whether you require a complex switch or a simple label we understand the needs of electronics manufacturers and can guide you through both the design and manufacturing process.

We apply our expertise so that your products perform at their best in their intended environments, while reflecting modern design standards. With our ISO 9001 certified factory in Brisbane, and our Melbourne based office, we can fulfill your production volumes either locally or through our offshore partners. This will be determined by your budget and the volume and complexity of your requirements.

We also provide cost effective prototyping and development using CNC tooling, lasers and the latest flatbed printing technologies. As manufacturers for a global market, we are active participants in international industry forums and are licensed manufacturers of leading global switch technologies such as the Duraswitch™, which offer distinct benefits over conventional membrane switches.

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