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Rivus TV

Darren New of Rivus TV contacted us to assist with a prototype for a new TV streaming product he and his partners were developing. Their system would allow companies to distribute and profit from streaming video content to the internet. The requirement was for a membrane switch with embedded LEDs and an RFI shield. The overlay was embossed and featured an attractive graduated tone.  The inclusion of Surface Mounted LED's in the membrane switch allowed the circuit board to be included in a convenient position within the enclosure rather than immediately behind the fascia. The challenge however was that the circuit tail required a tortuous path through the enclosure. To ensure this was correct we used lasers to prototype the tail until the exact length and shape was achieved. We used a printed diffuser behind the LEDs to ensure that the LED output was not too bright.  The RFI Shield was printed directly behind the overlay and earthed to the enclosure. The graphic overlay was challenging from a manufacturing perspective, and the result was one that we are proud of. 

"we received our membranes today, the use of a membrane switch cuts out a lot of labour for us and makes for a more polished aesthetic. We are happy with the units and they work well-the tail exit is in the right position, the led diffuser works well, the tail length is perfect, the circuit was correct...phew,the holes were in the right positions ..." Darren New

You can find all about Rivus TV at

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