MG Electronic is a leading manufacturer of membrane switches, overlays
and graphic interface products
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Our core capability lies in our staff and their extensive knowledge. We invest heavily in ensuring that we are at the forefront of technical knowledge in our industry. This is critical to your success because product reliability and durability starts with good design. We have three qualified industrial designers on staff who have all received further training on the specifics of membrane switch design and manufacture. We seek to understand the environment and operating characteristics of your product and apply the appropriate materials and design.

Our machinery portfolio is highly specialised and includes flatbed digital machines, CNC Machinery, screen printing lines, pick and place equipment,  lasers and die cutters. Our membrane switches are tested to established international quality standards using purpose built equipment. 


Where the project requires, we have long standing relationships with certified off shore manufacturers who work to our designs and material specifications. This allows you the benefit of the lower manufacturing costs in Asia without compromising quality and reliability. 

Our production systems are controlled by M-Power, a comprehensive MRP system. This allows real time up to the second production status of any job in our system through shop floor scanning. This, in conjunction with our ISO9001 certified management system in our Brisbane office, ensures that you can reorder a product repeatedly over time and enjoy the same consistent quality.

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