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Industrial Marking

Industrial marking is the term we use for the group of products designed for labelling your products, embellishing them with your corporate identity or finishing them with instructional, compliance or safety labels.

MG Electronic can enhance your products with a range of industrial labelling technologies including

  • Name plates
  • Stickers, Labels and Decals
  • Domed badges
  • Engraving
  • Reverse printed labels
  • Direct printing

Exposure to UV light, water or extreme temperature may cause some marking methods to crack, fade and otherwise make your product look inferior. For this reason the most appropriate marking product for you will depend on both your personal preference, and the durability required for the products’ intended purpose and lifetime.

We have digital printing technologies that work in tandem with conventional printing techniques to deliver cost effective products with variable information. Our sophisticated mrp software enables individualized proofing where required.

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