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Switch Prototyping

MG Electronic has invested in digital technologies to allow cost effective prototyping of membrane switches without the tooling normally required. This allows you to get the product to the market sooner, while allowing your device to be thoroughly tested before committing to manufacturing tooling.

We encourage our clients to become involved from the beginning of the product development cycle. The reason for this is that design choices taken in one area can limit the options in another. For instance it is desirable for the switch pad to be mounted in a recess, however the depth of this recess impacts the type of switch technologies that can be used.

The first question we ask our clients is 'what is the purpose of the prototype?' as in many cases we find that your objectives can be met without incurring the cost of a complete prototype.

What Do We Require From You?

We can design an interface from a dimensioned hand drawing, or you can supply us with an artwork file. Either way the more you can give us at the beginning the faster and more cost effective the process will be. In the absence of a dimensioned vector file here are a list of things we require:

  • Full dimensions - this includes those of holes, LED's, the outside dimensions 
  • The Tail Length & Connection method - (we can assist with this)
  • The Tail Exit Position
  • An enclosure (if you have one) so that we can check for mechanical fit and tolerance 
  • Your preferred Circuit Matrix - it which pins on the tail relate to which tracks.

How We Work

  • Once you make contact by email or phone we will complete a design review with you to ensure that we have all the information we need
  • We will then prepare an art proof that contains your overlay artwork and circuit matrix.
  • If required we will digitally cut the outside dimensions and tail so you can check for position and tolerance
  • We will print the job and provide a first off sample before assembling the remainder 


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