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Duraswitch PushGate™ is manufactured by MG Electronic under license to Duraswitch™ Industries of Arizona USA.

Whilst slightly thicker than a traditional membrane switch ( <2.00 mm), it's unique patented pushbutton design combines the advantages of discrete mechanical and flat panel membrane switches, with a host of other benefits that make it ideal for next-generation products.

The unique cantilever action of the armature allows the crisp tactile feel to remain, even when using thick overlays, such as when an electroluminescent panel or RFI Shield is mounted above the switch layer. The thin profile Duraswitch PushGate™ pushbuttons are cost effective and simple in design. Nothing in the marketplace today comes close to this technology for reliability and durability. Its crisp, consistent tactile feel does not degrade over time differentiating it substantially from conventional mechanical and membrane switches.

Duraswitch™ has a number of advantages over other forms of switching. You should consider them when:

  • You want the crisp tactile feel of a PCB mounted switch even with a thick overlay package
  • You want to integrate a rotary encoder in a thin film switch
  • You require an impact resistant switch
  • You want a switch that gives feedback to the user that tells them that the switch is on

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