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Switch Enhancements

Switch functionality can be enhanced by including the following features:

Backlighting Solutions

Backlighting has always been a problem for membrane switch manufacturers, the opaque silver pads preventing full function lighting of the overlay from the rear of the switch.

A variety of approaches have been used, often with banks of LED's or reflector boxes. Cut outs have been required in the backing panels.

MG Electronic offers two forms of highly effective backlighting

  • Electroluminescent Backlighting
  • Lumitex Woven Fibre Backlighting
  • These are both thin film (less than 200 mic -.008") panels and are laminated within the switch directly below the overlay for full function backlighting.

    There are advantages for each product, and also many environmental considerations. For instance, in both products, the inclusion of the backlighting layer has a noticeable impact on the tactile feel - it deadens that "click" when the button is pressed.

    Surface mount devices

    Developments in LED technology have made it increasingly more common to incorporate low profile LEDs into the membrane switch layers. Traditionally this has required embossing of the overlay to cater for the thickness of the LED's relative to that of the switch, however it is now possible to maintain the thin flat design desired by manufacturers by using these new advancements in LEDs.

    Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shields & Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

    Often sensitive electronic equipment can be susceptible to radio frequency interference and electrostatic discharge. This happens because the printed circuit layer acts as a convenient ground, or aerial for this type of interference. MG Electronics has developed a number of different solutions to prevent this and can also protect clear LCD displays.

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